Our Story

We are parents who are passionate about helping other parents find ways to connect with their children despite the challenges of modern-day life. As parents of five children ourselves, we understand the struggle of balancing the many demands of life while also trying to be present and engaged with our kids.

The pandemic only made things more difficult, as we all had to adjust to new ways of working and schooling from home. Despite being physically under the same roof, we found ourselves constantly busy and too often disconnected from our children.

However, we discovered a rare and special moment of connection each night at bedtime when we would gather around and share stories together. These moments of creating, laughing, and loving with our children became the highlight of our day and helped us to feel more connected as a family.

We want to share this magic with other parents who may be struggling to find meaningful ways to connect with their children. Our hope is to provide resources and tools that will help you to create similar moments of joy and connection with your family. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Meet the Founders

Aubrey Cook

Adventure Architect

With a multifaceted background in business leadership, early childhood education, and global health, Aubrey is the Adventure Architect behind TaleSnap. Aubrey's robust experience ranging from preschool teacher and business leader, to technical manager uniquely positions her to envision and shape captivating story experiences for young minds. Aubrey's journey to elevate storytelling into an enriching, connective, and empowering family experience is fueled by her own deep-seated desire to give back. She holds a Master's degree in Science from Johns Hopkins University, and is driven to leverage her expertise to enhance the lives of families worldwide.

Darryl Cook Jr.

Code Conjurer

A seasoned engineer with 16 years of experience working with industry giants, Darryl brings his magic to life through code. His rich history in software and app development, coupled with a heartfelt dedication to education and mentorship, makes him the perfect Code Conjurer for TaleSnap. As a proud graduate of Tulane University, Darryl's deep understanding of technology and its potential for transforming learning experiences now empowers him to craft digital landscapes where imagination takes flight. His work for TaleSnap is driven by a shared excitement to bring family-oriented experiences to life through tech.